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It’s our 2nd Year Anniversary! - and we’re bringing back a more exciting community building event you wouldn’t miss!



JULY 19, 2023 ⎯ 2 years ago on this very same day, Kare Granola was born out of Nichole’s search for a healthy, organic granola, and a passion for cooking. Cooking, to Nichole, brought her a lot of comfort; it’s her happy place. Kare Granola is testament to how far she’s come along, how many obstacles and challenges she has faced and overcome as an international student trying to make a better life for herself in Canada. 

Every year, we are choosing this special moment to share with our community to celebrate and give back to the society that supports us. 

Key Takeaways and Highlights from our 1st Year Anniversary Event

Our first anniversary event was held at Betty Sutherland Trail in the form of a fun treasure hunt hike event. All outdoor lovers came together with us - kids included! - and experienced a day of outdoor adventure. Checkout the highlights from our hikers: 

  • The Hike 
  • The hike was a short 2 kilometer one-way hike at Betty Sutherland trail. It was a very hot Saturday, yet the energy among the participants was palpable. Although  it was hot and humid, the trees provided plenty of shade to cool everyone down. It was a great opportunity for many of them to get to know the city in its natural beauty and meet new friends. 

  • Treasure Hunt & Photo Challenge
  • Of course, hiking wasn’t the biggest attraction that day ; scavenger hunt and photo challenge was the real fun. Participants were divided into teams and raced to the end of the trail while answering tough riddles and taking creative poses at their winning location. 

    The riddles along the way added an extra layer of fun, and it was incredible to witness participants giving their all with such energy and determination. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to a hiking place organized by the Kare team, and you can bet I'll be enjoying some of their delicious Kare granola too. Huge props to the Kare team for creating an unforgettable experience!

    - Aqsa, Participant & Kare Team Member


  • Teamwork and Bonding
  • The riddles and photo challenges brought the team closer together. Being teamed up with people you meet for the first time isn’t always the easiest. There is usually an awkward silence. However, friendship was formed as participants work together to solve the riddles, brainstorm creative poses, and show their fun and adventurous side.

    “The hike with kare event was such an amazing time. I had so much fun being able to further bond with our team as well as get to interact with our community. I loved being able to feel part of a family through working with our team and fostering a positive community relationship!”

    - Thalia, Participant & Kare Team Member

  • Discovering Kare Granola
  • An outdoor event is not complete without light refreshments and snacking, especially when everyone had a blast hiking, solving riddles, and doing crazy photo poses. The participants were greeted with a granola bar at the end of the 2km hike, allowing them to have a taste of Kare Granola and build their own granola bowl! All 4 classic Kare Granola flavours were served alongside a variety of dairy, non-dairy, vegan yogurts, and milks paired with fruits to top it off. 

  • Making new memories, Making new friends. 
  • One of the true purposes of the event was the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, building a sense of community. Conversations made through solving riddles and brainstorming for photo challenges allowed them to find people with similar interests and vibes. At the end of the day, contacts were exchanged and plans to hangout after the event were formed allowing participants to expand their networks and form valuable friendships. 

    Our first event ended on a positive note and we can’t help smiling remembering the memories we’ve made along the way. However, it is not the end. There will be more anniversaries that Kare Granola plans and hopes to celebrate; We couldn’t have done it without the support of our community, therefore, we will continue giving back to the very society that allows us to be where we are. 

    Kare’s 2nd Year Anniversary

    For our 2nd anniversary, we are hosting an event in support of our friends at the Sunnybrook hospital. Not only because it is close to our homes servicing someone or a friend of someone that we know, it is also considered one of the top hospitals in Canada. Sunnybrook services over 419,000 patients a day, 1.3 million patients a year. It is home to Canada’s largest trauma center. From its early beginning as the largest veteran hospital in the 1940’s to various campuses today caring for patients at critical times, conducting leading-edge research, and acting as teaching hospital in affiliation with the University of Toronto.

    Don’t miss the top 5 things we all look forward to at Paint With Kare happening on Saturday, August 12, 2023 starting at 1:00 PM at Sunnybrook Park Picnic Area #6

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